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Orem Chiropractor Identifies Cause Of Back Pain Headaches Fibromyalgia Dizziness Numbness Sciatica Insomnia

How can you identify brain lateralization in yourself?

Brain lateralization is a situation where one side of the brain has less function than the other side. Previously, I’ve given the analogy of the brain as a light on a dimmer switch. Meaning that brain lateralization is where one side of the brain gets turned down, like a light on a dimmer switch. The light is on, it’s just not sending out as much light as it could be. This is what happens in brain lateralization, one side of the brain gets turned down and isn’t sending out as many impulses as it could be.

We all understand that the brain controls every function in our body. Thus when the function of the brain is turned down all sorts of problems can arise.

It may be important to note that how brain lateralization is manifested can be significantly different from one person to the next – meaning that two people with the same exact malfunction can have distinctively different symptoms. The reason for this is that our brain and nervous system has about a 60% similarity from person to person - my brain and nervous system is 60% similar to yours. Of course that means that our brain & nervous system is about 40% different. So, when you and I have the same problem it will affect you different than it affects me, because we are literally wired different.

The reason I give all of this explanation is, I’m now going to describe several different tests for you to do on your own. If and when you notice a problem doing any of these tests all they will tell you is that you have a problem doing that test. Because we are all wired differently you may notice lots of problems as you do these tests and feel absolutely no symptoms at all. Or you may notice only minor problems doing these tests and experience lots of symptoms. Or you may be somewhere in between these extremes. A diagnosis is only made after combining ALL the facts.

The first test is Blood pressure. If you have some means of taking your blood pressure take it on both sides. If there is a difference in the right and left blood pressure you may have brain lateralization.

Finger to finger testing. Sit with your eyes closed and point one index finger at the floor and one at the ceiling. Bring the finger pointing at the floor up to touch the tip of the index finger pointing at the ceiling. A normal test is you are able to bring the tip of one to the tip of the other. If you find your self searching, if you slightly miss or overshoot or if you miss entirely you may have brain lateralization.

While in the sitting position, raise your hands above your head with your palms facing forward. Now quickly open and close your hands for thirty seconds. Does one hand fatigue quicker? Does it become more difficult to do on one side? Does one hand or forearm become painful? If so, you may have brain lateralization.

Now stand up. Put one foot in front of the other, it doesn’t matter which. Once in this position close your eyes. Do you sway to one side or wobble? If so, you may have brain lateralization.

For this next test you’ll need a partner. Lie on your back and have your partner slowly raise one leg, getting a sense for the tightness in that leg. Then have your partner raise the other leg. Is one leg notably tighter than the other? If so, you may have brain lateralization.

If you noticed any problem while doing these tests this tells you, you’ve got a brain malfunction – a short circuit if you will, in the electrical system of your body. The reason this is significant to you is that it has been found that brain and nerve malfunction is a factor in all disease and sickness.

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