Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Delivering Happiness

About six weeks ago I received an email from my brother in law
suggesting I apply for an pre release version of the new Tony
Hsieh book "Delivering Happiness."

I read/listen to many business books a year, so I applied and
the Delivering Happiness team sent me a free, pre release
version of the book to read and then give an honest opinion on.

In full disclosure I have NOT completed the book yet, I've got another
seventy five pages or so to go.

With that being said, I've really enjoyed the book. Tony has a
way of engaging the reader that made me feel as though he were
sitting next to me telling this story. That's what Delivering
Happiness is - a story of how business and life intertwine in
the entrepreneur. To me that was a big epiphany. I've always
thought it best to keep "life" separate from "business."
Tony convinces me otherwise by showing that success in business
comes from being yourself in business.

The book starts with a very entertaining telling of Tony's youth
as an entrepreneur.

Next, he gets into adulthood with his "grown-up" businesses.
At this point I was thinking part of his success was being in
the right industry at the right time. He fully capitalized on
the early internet bubble. Also, I typically prefer bullet
point, what to do and how to do it kind of business books - this
one isn't one of those. The combination of those factors resulted
in me struggling through the middle part of the book, asking myself
this is good, but "what's the application?"

Finally, as Zappos becomes stable as a business and he tells about
the culture of Zappos and how it was built I finally "get it."
There are several guest writers in this book, employees, friends
and partners. It was one of these guest write ins, an employee
named Martha I believe, tells about her experience with random acts
of WOWness that finally broke through to me. Martha tells how she
did something to WOW a stranger in a Wal Greens and how that lead
to her receiving random acts of WOWness. This tell me I should do
things in business not because it helps make a sell, or increases
profits in the short run, but because it's who I am and as I give the
best of myself to others, success follows.

I was also given a second free pre release version of the book.
This copy I would like to give away. I will send this
book to any where in the world, at my expense, to the person who
can give me the best/most ideas for a chiropractor (that's me)
to perform random acts of WOWness.

Submit them here as a comment, email them to me at,
call me at 801-225-1311, fax them to 801-802-3255 or drop them
off or mail them to 560 S. State #C2 Orem, UT 84058, send me a
message through facebook my personal profile is Ned McArthur or
via direct message on twitter at

I'll pick a winner June 23.


P.S. If you would like to buy the book yourself go to


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