Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orem Chiropractor, R. Ned McArthur & The Future of Health Insurance

In the “Signs That The End Is Near” department I share with you a letter from a colleague of mine. If you have health insurance this is a letter I hope you'll read.

Here's the letter . . .

“Yesterday should have been an OUTSTANDING day in the lives of my brother and sister in law. Their oldest , my 15 yr old Nephew was moved from JV to varsity football team, their youngest was accepted into an invitational only musical group ( he is 9) that plays out of the local high school.

Great day RIGHT?

My brother gets home late last night from work and is reading the mail and finds a letter from his insurance carrier- informing him that since his policy renewed August 1, 2010- they will NO longer cover his 15 yr old son (my nephew) because he engages in an “extreme lifestyle" by playing high school sports such as football, baseball, and soccer. The letter listed a number of sports that qualify for this extreme lifestyle, the letter also states that they ( the insurance company) have found that "young people" that engage in these extreme lifestyles have a high instance of insurance usage and that is what this denial is based on.”

I do believe the insurance company is right, those who engage in those sports do have a higher instance of usage. My question is what's the point of having health insurance if you can't use it?

I bought a car in December. As part of the sales process they present the extended warranty and why I should buy it. It was based on the idea what if after the warranty wears out and the engine blows up, etc. Wouldn't it be terrible if that happened and you didn't have the extended warranty? My comment to the sales person applies here, when I said “No, it would be terrible if I paid for the extended warranty and it didn't cover anything.” So, did I buy it? I'll get back to that in just a minute.

I believe this is the kind of thing we'll see more and more of in insurance companies. In fact I've been predicting it for over ten years. It's my belief that health insurance will eventually will become catastrophe insurance. I think their will be 'growing pains' associated with that, but overall I think it's a good thing.

It does require us to be more committed to our own health and well being. If we're not we'll experience the consequences of that choice in how we look, feel, and perform in our lives. The biggest way we may feel it is in our wallets.

No government sponsored health care will save us here because if you're living a lifestyle outside what is deemed normal you may not be covered.

This isn't intended to be a scare tactic. It's a call to action. Change your lifestyle today. Change your diet, get enough physical activity and enough rest. Those three things are “common sense” and cost you nothing and doing them will change the way you feel, look and things you're able to do.

If you want to got a step further, find a trusted health care provider. One that can help resolve health problems when they arise and 'coach' you to better health and wellness when you're not sick or injured.

And just so you know, I did buy the extended warranty.

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