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Orem Chiropractor & Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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I read a study today where the nervous system influences the immune system in the blood. The researchers looked at what happens when you get an adjustment to your middle back. It turns out, when you get an adjustment to your mid back your immune cells make more antibodies in the blood.

The researchers first took blood from everyone in the study. Next, they divided the people up into three groups. The first group got nothing done to them – they were the control group. The second group got their backs pushed in a funny way, but nothing was really done to them. The third group received real adjustments to their mid back where there was a popping sound. Then, they measured the blood again 1/2 hour later, and again 2 hours later. The adjustment group won.
Researchers said,

“…results of the present pilot study provide the first experimental evidence that systemic sequelae of spinal manipulative therapy include functional changes in the ability of peripheral blood lymphocytes to respond to immunoregulatory mediators and the clinical relevance of such alterations should be further explored.”

English please?

Those who get adjusted have more efficient cells in their immune system.


The researchers found that those who received the real adjustments didn’t make new immune cells, but their immune cells were more efficient at fighting infection. When researchers injected inflammatory chemicals, those who got adjusted made more antibodies (proteins that fight bacterial and viral infections) compared to those who didn’t get adjusted.


This study shows that because the nervous system is so closely involved spine and the immune system, that chiropractic adjustments when needed in the area, can boost the immune response to infection. Of course more work is needed to find out exactly what’s going on, but this is an example of a controlled scientific study that shows just one of the many benefits of chiropractic care.

I came to Dr McArthur’s office a wreck. I had severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, stiffness in the neck and my shoulders were as hard as rocks. Dr McArthur was concerned about me and made sure I understood the process I needed to go through to get better. I have made drastic improvements on my overall health since then. I almost never get a headache. My nausea and dizziness are gone. My energy is back. My neck and shoulders feel like they should. My body is more capable of moving how I need it to. Thanks so much for helping me feel like a normal person. Something I haven’t felt very often in my life

Grace W., American Fork

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At September 15, 2010 at 10:05 PM , Anonymous Orem Chiropractor - R. Ned McArthur, D.C. said...

This is why I make it a point to get adjusted when I have any kind of infection.


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