Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Orem Chiropractor - R. Ned McArthur, D.C. "Does A Body Good"

This title is a play on an advertising campaign the dairy industry did years ago.  Here’s why I think chiropractic is better at “Doing A Body Good.”

Reason number one – flexibility.  Flexibility means joints of the body have as much mobility as possible.  The joints of your joints have a poor blood supply because if there were blood vessels in the joints, they would be crushed, or collapsed every time you moved or put pressure on them. Think of your joints like a sponge.  They absorb nutrients from fluids all around the joint and being able to absorb the nutrients is dependent upon movement.  So, joints get nutrients not from blood, but from movement. Chiropractic care corrects and maintains proper joint movement. If a joint stops moving, the fluids become stagnant and the discs of your spine are unable to absorb nutrients leading to break down.

Joints receive nutrients with movement.  So when you are flexible your joints receive their needed nutrients making them last longer, feel better, and lest vulnerable to injury.  Your Orem Chiropractor – R. Ned McArthur, D.C. helps you achieve this with stretching, exercises, therapy and adjustments.  Many people notice an almost instant result after an adjustment feeling joints “move into place.”

Also, with more flexibility from chiropractic, the nerve sensors in your joints are more active.  This helps the brain control and maintain all of the different bodily structures and functions, including muscles. 

Reason number two - better muscle coordination.  Due to the increased activity in the nerve sensors in joints after an adjustment your muscle coordination and control increases.  This means that you’ll be less likely to injure yourself, whether you are playing sports, playing with your kids, or playing with your housework.

When the brain detects that joint motion isn’t as it should be muscles go into spasm to protect the joint.  In the short term it’s a good thing.  If the joint motion isn’t corrected the muscle will stay in spasm and lead to further loss of flexibility, which leads to joint decay, pain, and other health problems.  As stated above, restoring normal joint mechanics with chiropractic adjustments will help the normal muscle programming.

As an example, a simple test to perform to check the function of your back muscles is called the “modified Trendelenburg” test.  Do this yourself by standing and then lifting one knee and foot as though you were stepping up onto a giant box.  If you feel shaking, your low back muscles are having a difficult time controlling or protecting the joints of your back and if it hasn’t already, it may lead to injury or back problems in the future.
Clinically, this can be corrected with a course of Brain Based Chiropractic methods and procedures that are unique to the office of Orem Chiropractor – R. Ned McArthur, D.C

Reason number three – better balance.  As stated earlier chiropractic adjustments increase the activity of nerve sensors in the joints.  The nerves from the joints then travel to several different destinations in the brain.  One is called the cerebellum.  Another is the vestibular nuclei.  These two areas of the brain are highly involved in balance, coordination and body position awareness. The muscles and joints of the neck have the most direct influence on these two areas of the brain.  Therefore, when there is a problem in the neck many problems can result, but one of the most severe is a dizziness, balance and coordination problem.   

With a proper care plan of Brain Based Chiropractic, Orem Chiropractor – R. Ned McArthur, D.C. can help you have more flexibility, better muscle coordination and better balance.  These results will not only give you less pain and better health, but a better lifestyle.  If you haven’t already give us a try and you’ll discover why chiropractic “does a body good.”

The main reason I began seeing Dr McArthur was for my neck pain, dizziness, and headaches.  It was affecting my studies and my social life.  I couldn’t do things with out feeling pain and getting dizzy.  I coldn’t sit in class or church.  Since I began treatment I can play sports and concentrate in school.  Dr McArthur is a casual guy that’s down to earth.
Steve M., Orem

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