Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are Headaches & Migraines Controlling Your Life?

that also addressed headaches & migraines.

Dr Brokstein points out that many people with miserable headaches & migraines go
through many different diagnosis procedures like doctor's visits, MRI's & CT scans
only to be told they are “normal”.

I will interject that this scenario happens way too often and introduces one of the
basic tenets of chiropractic.  Chiropractic looks at things from a functional
standpoint.  Meaning the person who has migraine headaches and has normal
blood tests, MRI's & CT's has a problem.  It's just not so obvious.  Think of it
like a light bulb on a dimmer switch.  If you look at the light bulb, check it's
filament, etc. it will be perfectly normal.  But it's not shining as brightly as it
should.  Why?  Because the dimmer switch has been turned down.

That's what happens to a lot of headache sufferers when all of their parts are
examined they look normal, but stress, lifestyle, and diet have turned down
the dimmer switch on their bodily functions resulting in headaches.

In his Freehold Chiropractic clinic Dr Brokstein uses only proven therapies.
In this article Dr Brokstein references several medical studies comparing
chiropractic care to different medical treatments.  They all have shown
that chiropractic care gets as good or better results without the risks of

Another thing worth interjecting here is that chiropractic from a satisfaction perspective has out performed all other types of care.  That means that when a person goes to a chiropractor they are much more pleased with their chiropractic care than they are with medical or other types of care.  So let’s think about that – chiropractic get just as good or better results, people are much more satisfied with their chiropractic care.  Oh yeah, one more thing, seeing your chiropractor will save you money now and in the future.

One more thing he points out that I feel is worthy of repeating:  headaches are
not normal.  So many times people comment to me that all their experiencing
is their 'normal headache.'  If you're ready to end your headaches, give
chiropractic a try.

If you're interested here's Dr Brokstein's info:

Russell Brokstein, D.C.
Hometown Family Wellness Center
9 Broadway Freehold, New Jersey

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