Monday, December 13, 2010

Hip Stability and Mobility: Can You Do This Exercise?

One of my most favorite chiropractors in the whole world is Sonoma Chiropractor 
Todd Lloyd.  Dr Lloyd is one my favorites because he is a chiropractor and a Utah native. He also adds a rare combination of intelligence and simplicity to the chiropractic profession.  What I mean by that is he has the ability to take a highly complex subject and boil it down to it’s most important points, making things so much more simpler than they were originally.

So with that in mind I share an article Dr Todd Lloyd produced on hip pain & stability.  As a Sonoma Chiropractor he sees a lot of people with hip complaints and as an
Orem Chiropractor I see a lot of this too. 

Dr Lloyd points out that in young people hip problems start as a problem in the deep hip muscles that results in postural imbalances.  When you lay down your feet should be straight.  If there is a tendency for them to go in our out there's a good chance you've got problems in the muscles of your hips. 

Here is a video put together by some chiropractic students on all the different tests for the hip.  Try doing some or all of these.  

If you notice problems while doing any of these tests you can be assured that you have some sort of hip malfunction.  

Months and years of malfunction in the hips leads to arthritis.  When arthritis sets in there is a loss of range of motion, pain, and difficulty walking.

Here is an easy hip exercise to do to help with your hip flexibility.  It's called hip windshield wipers.

Easy hip exercise

If you want a more difficult exercise that will help with hip flexibility and hip strength try this one.

It's important to note that having healthy hips is very important.  As any chiropractor or orthopedist will tell you the hips and pelvis form the foundation for not only the spine but also the entire skeletal system.  So, when there are problems in the hips secondary problems can develop throughout the body.

Dr Lloyd's Sonoma Chiropractic Clinic is found within the Sonoma Holistic Center.

Todd Lloyd, DC
525 3rd Street West, Suite C
Sonoma, CA 95476

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