Monday, December 13, 2010

Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions

I'm really on a roll with these reviews of my fellow chiropractors!  Next, is Bethel Park Chiropractor Dr Kevin Smith.
In his article Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions Dr Smith points out how millions of Americans suffer with a variety of aches  and pains that range from low back pain, tension in the shoulders, stiff neck, and headaches.  He further points out that many people address these physical problems with medications whether they be over the counter or prescription.  To some degree this is understandable because of the endless array of commercials one can be exposed to in a given day, all of which try to persuade to to take pills for physical problems.
If you think about it though, it doesn't make any sense.  When it comes to physical problems mediations don't fix a problem, they only mask symptoms.  Also, they can be quite expensive and each one has the risk of a variety of dangerous side affects.
Dr Smith gives a great analogy that may help you understand why physical problems require physical solutions and why medications simply are a poor option.  Let's say you're out for a walk and you got a small stone in your shoe.    How would it feel? It would hurt, right?  Well, what was causing the pain?  Even though it hurt every time you took it step it wasn't the walk.  Of course it was the rock pressing on and poking the nerves in the bottom of your foot.  Here's a tough one.  How would correct this problem?  Of course you would take your shoe off and get rid of the rock.  
When you have pain in your back – it is very often caused by a misaligned vertebrae (one of the 24 movable back bones which surround and protect your spinal cord).  When the vertebrae get misaligned, they can pinch and irritate the delicate surrounding nerves in the back.   This is EXACTLY the same type of thing that happens with the stone in your shoe.  You have a hard object pressing up against a soft object, thus causing distress.
Consider this:  If I had a pebble in my shoe and I told you I was taking medicine for it, would you think I was a bit out of my mind?  You probably would (and rightly so).  The same mechanism happens when a vertebrae gets misaligned – and yet people thinking nothing of taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), muscle relaxers and even narcotic strength medications to deal with the pain.   I have a question for you.  Are any of these drugs doing anything to realign the spine?
Physical problems require physical solutions.   A stone in a shoe is a physical problem.  So is back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, whiplash, headaches & migraines, etc..  The best approach to treating these issues is by focusing on alignment of the spinal vertebrae – to take the pressure off the nerves and allow everything to calm down, naturally.
Dr Smith's Bethel Park Chiropractic Clinic is located at
Red Apple Wellness
2409 South Park Rd
Bethel Park, PA 15102

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