Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Orem Chiropractor Adds Years To Your Life By Subtracting Your Sitting Time

As your Orem Chiropractor I want to give health information you may not get any where else.

Before you read this article you may want to sit down for a minute - but quite frankly that's the opposite of what you should do!

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that people who sit for more than six hours a day have an increased risk of early death.

Now maybe your thinking this applies to only the couch potato who watches TV all the time and never exercises.  If you are, then I've got bad news.  Researchers found that even if you exercise for three hours a day and sit for nine hours a day, you're more likely to die than someone who doesn't exercise at all but spends only a few hours a day sitting.
I'm not trying to discount all the benefits of exercise and an active life, but simply to point out that there are very real risks associated with prolonged sitting.  Not to mention the headaches and back pain that can result from sitting too long.
When you sit for prolonged periods of time circulation, metabolism, resting blood pressure and cholesterol can all be affected.  

Another thing, when you spend more time sitting, especially in front of the TV or computer leads to excessive snacking, which can lead to many other problems.

To combat this phenomenon a treadmill desk has been invented.  Check this out.

This isn't the answer for everybody.  Being on your feet excessively puts extra stress on your joints and muscles, especially of the hip.  

Just remember to Sit Less & Move More - you just may add a few years to your life.

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