Monday, January 24, 2011

Orem Chiropractor Treats Car Accident Injuries

If you or somebody you know has been in an auto accident I have some important information for you.

First watch this video to get an insiders perspective on the practices of insurance companies in regards to those who have been in an accident.

Auto injuries can create chronic, disabling problems which can affect your work, your hobbies, and even your relationships. 

Even injuries that seem minor can lead to suffering and an increased risk of re-injury.  

Here’s what they do.  Insurance company giants use a highly sophisticated computer program that considers several factors from your accident to determine what your claim is worth. Sounds fair right?  These problem is, these programs serve one purpose:  save auto insurance companies big dollars.

If you’ve been in an accident choosing the right doctor is critical.

Of course, doctors are here to help you, but going to the wrong doctor can mess up your chances of a fair settlement. Why? Because doctors have learned how to help people, but many are not trained in the rules & requirements of insurance software guidelines. 

These guidelines are a set of very specific questions, medical report formatting procedures, and even seemingly minor forms, that influences your claim. 

As your Orem Chiropractor that treats car accident injuries.  If you’ve been in an accident you have to play by their rules.  I’m here to objectively, and correctly document your injuries so you can make a fair claim and receive a fair settlement. 

There are plenty of Orem Chiropractors that can help you, but you need an Orem car accident chiropractor that knows how to get you better quick and knows how to play by the insurance company rules.  Don’t be a victim twice.  Call for a consultation, we can help you. 801-225-1311

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